Register Now for CDC Conference: Healthy People in a Healthy Environment


Healthy People in a Healthy Environment: CDC and ATSDR's 2009 National Environmental Public Health Conference will be held from October 26-28, 2009 in Atlanta, GA. Conference tracks include (1) Healthy Places, (2) Environmental Health Science and Practice, (3) Sustainability and Public Health, (4) Environmental Systems and Public Health, (5) Public Health and Environmental Exposures, and (6) Environmental Health Emergencies. More info about the conference (registration, lodging, et cetera) can be found here.

This conference seeks to promote the nation's environmental health capacity by enhancing the expertise of traditional and non-traditional environmental health professionals – including public health and healthcare professionals, academic researchers, representatives from communities and non-governmental organizations, as well as advocacy and business groups with a primary interest in environmental public health. In addition to professionals in standard public health arenas such as epidemiology, environmental health services, and nursing, the conference is also intended to inform and educate professionals from architecture, urban planning, engineering, home building, transportation, GIS, gerontology/aging studies, disability studies, environmental justice, and many other fields and focus areas.

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