"Find It, Fix It, Fund It" Lead Elimination Drive Promoted by Omaha Public Radio

KIOS Talks to Kara Eastman from the National Safe and Healthy Housing Coalition

KIOS, a charter National Public Radio affiliate, has published an article about "Find It, Fix It, Fund It," an action drive organized by NCHH and the National Safe and Healthy Housing Coalition that urges Congress and the Administration to develop and implement a bold, comprehensive national plan to eliminate lead paint hazards and replace lead pipes. KIOS spoke with Kara Eastman, President and CEO of Omaha Healthy Kids, who is also a member of the Coalition's steering committee.

In the article, Ms. Eastman described the lead issue as it relates to the citizens of Omaha: "The interior hazards that are present are not being looked for and found at the same level as we are looking for and finding exterior hazards in Omaha. And so we’ve given people a false sense of security so they feel if they’ve had their yard replaced or the exterior of their home painted, they don’t necessarily have to worry about lead but in 90% of cases where we have a kid that’s been exposed to lead in our city, there’s an interior lead-based paint present.”

The "Find It, Fix It, Fund It" drive was announced jointly by NCHH and the Coaltion on May 12.

Read the article at KIOS.org.

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