Research and Evaluation

Research studies conducted by NCHH scientists have made important contributions to our understanding of the connections between housing and health. NCHH designs its research and evaluation activities with policy and practice in mind. We embark on projects that are timely, relevant, and oriented toward implementation. For example, NCHH conducted a demonstration project in New Orleans following the devastating hurricanes in 2006. The project resulted in the development of a field guide for the clean-up of flooded homes that has been distributed to thousands of flood victims, as well as a companion DVD. NCHH is currently evaluating the health impacts for residents of green homes.

Program Innovation and Planning

NCHH is a valuable resource to federal, state, and local agencies. NCHH combines its technical expertise with practical experience to help program administrators inititate and strengthen their healthy homes programs. NCHH provides technical assistance, strategic planning, and program evaluation. As the proven leader in the field of healthy homes, NCHH has the expertise and capacity to assist states and localities with developing and implementing a holistic healthy homes strategic plan. Through Healthy Housing Solutions, Inc., its for-profit subsidiary, NCHH helps program administrators identify and apply for program funding. NCHH has assisted many jurisdictions with the development and evaluation of lead poisoning prevention ordinances and more recently has helped states develop statewide healthy homes plans. Through its National Healthy Homes Training Center, NCHH has worked with localities to adopt and strengthen their local codes to create safe and healthy housing.


NCHH develops and coordinates training programs for an array of audiences. NCHH operates the National Healthy Homes Training Center, which includes a network of 30 training partners across the country. NCHH is developing a training system for accredited lead training providers that will help them market and implement the new EPA training courses for certified renovators. The training offerings will begin in April 2009.

For more information on any of these services, please contact Rebecca Morley,, 443.539.4159.

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