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Pending Funding Cuts to Lead Poisoning Prevention Make Daily News

On Monday, the Boston Globe published an article about how the U.S. is preparing to cut aid for lead poisoning prevention efforts.

ACCLPP Recommends Change in How CDC Determines Number Indicating a Child's Blood Lead Level

The Advisory Committee on Childhood Lead Poisoning Prevention (ACCLPP)* voted today to recommend a significant change in how CDC selects the number at which a child's blood lead level should be considered elevated, and to renew its call for primary prevention.

Neighborhood Violence and Healthy Housing - Making the "Usual" Unusual

The connection between unhealthy housing and neighborhood violence has been a long standing interest of mine.  Recenty, it became personal.

A "Little Bit" of Asthma

I’m not sure if it’s because or I work at the National Center for Healthy Housing (NCHH) or despite working here, but when my daughter’s pediatrician suggested that she might have “a little bit of asthma” I clearly remember the nurse patting my shoulder and saying, “Are you okay, mom?” At the tender age of 11 months, the thought of her struggling to breathe was horrifying. Perhaps the “little bit of asthma” comment by her doctor was meant to soften the blow.

National Childhood Lead Poisoning Prevention Week

I had the good fortune to be working for Senator Jack Reed in 1999 when he introduced a resolution (S. Res 199) to establish National Childhood Lead Poisoning Prevention Week in October. It is both ironic and sad that during the one week each year when we celebrate childhood lead poisoning prevention, we are simultaneously engaged in a battle to protect one of the key federal childhood lead poisoning prevention programs from evisceration.

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