The GREAT Study: Green Rehabilitation of Elder Apartment Treatments

Project Funders: U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD)

Project Partners: University of Minnesota Center for Sustainable Building Research; Southwest Minnesota Housing Partnership; Case Western Reserve University; Mankato Economic Development Agency.

Project Contact: Jill Breysse,, 443.539.4155

Project Description:
This is the nation’s first study of the health outcomes among older Americans following rehabilitation using green healthy housing methods. If green healthy housing rehabilitation is shown to improve health and help contain health care costs, such investments in elder housing are likely to alleviate suffering in later years and also be cost-effective. While healthy housing has traditionally focused on childhood diseases and injuries associated with housing quality, this study will determine if improvements also occur in the at-risk and growing population of elders.

The site to be rehabilitated consists of 101 independent living, public housing units in an apartment building in Mankato, MN. The study hypothesis is that green healthy housing rehabilitation of public housing improves the health of residents. The goal of this study is to characterize those occupant health factors that can be related to housing undergoing green rehabilitation over a one-year time period in multifamily housing. NCHH will lead evaluation activities, including developing assessment protocols, entering and analyzing data, executing quality assurance activities, and completing evaluation reports.

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