Property Managers

The Essentials for Healthy Homes Practitioners course brings together a diverse mix of housing and health professionals to promote practical and cost-effective methods for making homes healthier. A major strength of the course is the peer-to-peer learning that occurs between students. Through exercises, demonstrations and discussions, students better understand the roles, perceptions and challenges that their counterparts face. And they identify ways to coordinate their work to better protect residents from environmental and safety hazards in the home.

Property managers have a tremendous impact on healthy homes. If they recognize the specific connections between health and housing problems, they can have a significant positive impact on the health of residents. Where they miss the connections, their decisions can result in significant problems.

Property managers will benefit from the course because it will help them:

  • Identify connections between structural problems, maintenance challenges, and potential health impacts to better convince residents of the need to address shortcomings;
  • Avoid creating environmental hazards;
  • Develop networks among the public health and housing community to strengthen the quality of their services; and
  • Gain insight into the perspectives of nurses, code inspectors, environmental health specialists, community-based organizations, and pest management professionals that help all be more effective.

Continuing Education Credit

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