Reducing Fogger Use and Increasing IPM in Rental Housing in Washington DC, Baltimore MD, and throughout the Northeast Region

Project Contact: Julie Kruse,

Project Partners:
• Allergy Asthma Foundation of America, Maryland-DC Chapter
• Maryland’s state asthma program and coalition
• DC’s state asthma program 
• Lead Safe DC
• DC’s Department of the Environment
• Baltimore City Health Department

Project Description:
Excessive use of foggers and other pesticide products to combat cockroaches is the hallmark of outdated pest control strategies plaguing tenants with pest infestations in multifamily or attached dwellings in older cities. The Regional Fogger and IPM Awareness Campaign educates tenants, property owners, pest control operators, and other stakeholders in Baltimore and Washington about the health threats from exposure to pests and pesticides, the dangers of foggers and other liquefied formulations, and the merits of IPM. The campaign will deliver targeted IPM education to 1000 tenants and train 50 property managers and pest control operators. The campaign will also conduct policy and media briefings to spark systems change and support efforts to advance IPM in housing in the northeastern region of the U.S.


Steps for Safe Pest Control brochure [pdf]