Communications and Policy Development for Asthma and Healthy Housing

NCHH is also working with the Pew Charitable Trusts to develop a technical guidance document and two 4-page summary documents on conducting health impact assessments on housing-related policies and practices. The four page documents will complement the technical guidance to enable housing and health decision-makers to quickly understand the value of conducting HIAs on housing policy and practice decisions and see the application to their local work.

Project Description
Systematic Review of Housing HIAs: A systematic review of all HIA reports completed in the U.S. to date on housing decisions. This includes for example, HIAs focused on planning/zoning, affordability, and housing finance.

Tutorial on How Housing Works: This will include an overview of “how housing policies work” and “how housing gets produced,” both in the public and private sectors. The intention of this project is not to inventory all housing policies, program, and financing vehicles, but rather to focus on those that would benefit most from HIA or those that have the greatest implications for health.

The Value Add of HIA in Housing Decision-Making:
Using the information from the systematic review of housing HIAs and the tutorial on how housing works as a platform, we will analyze the specific issues that HIA addresses and will articulate the value added of conducting an HIA both to the health of affected communities and to those making the decisions.

Guidance on Conducting HIAs in Housing Decisions: NCHH will develop guidance for conducting an HIA on housing decisions. The guidance will include a description of each step of the HIA process, with examples of how the steps have been accomplished in prior HIAs, including:

Compilation of Tools and Resources for Conducting HIAs:
We will collect existing tools and resources that are helpful for conducting HIAs and include these tools and resources as an appendix of the technical guidance. We will also identify gaps in these existing tools and resources and suggest potential opportunities to address these gaps with the development of new tools or adaptation of existing tools from other fields.

Policy Briefs: We will develop two policy briefs with the goal of educating housing and health practitioners and policy makers about the value of conducting HIAs for housing policies and practices, the applicability to their work, and highlights of examples where outcomes were improved when HIAs were conducted on housing policies and program.


Four Healthy Homes, Healthy Families Regional Symposia took place in California in June 2009. The materials from these symposia are listed below.

Meeting Report
California Healthy Housing Symposia 2009 [pdf]

Fresno - May 20, 2009
Fresno Meeting Minutes [pdf]
NCHH Healthy Housing [pdf]

Sacramento - May 20, 2009
CA Department of Community Services and Development [pdf]
Government Resources and Policy [pdf]
Healthy Green Buildings [pdf]
Healthy Homes in California [pdf]
Land Use and Healthy Housing [pdf]

San Diego Community - May 28, 2009
San Diego Agenda [PDF]

San Diego Legislative - May 28, 2009
Advancing Healthy Housing through State Legislatures [pdf]
Advocacy and Policy Recommendations [pdf] 
Casa Saludables [pdf]
No Place Like Home [pdf]
San Diego HH Agenda [pdf]

Los Angeles - May 30, 2009
Addressing Asthma [PDF]
District Surveillance and Enforcement [pdf]
LA Healthy Homes Symposium Report [pdf]
Lead Hazard Remediation Program [pdf]

Oakland - May 30, 2009
HH Provisions Oakland Housing Code [pdf]
Oakland Agenda [pdf]