2011 Grantees

In 2011, NCHH awarded grants to the following small community-based organizations:

  • Metropolitan Tenants Organization – Chicago, IL
    The Metropolitan Tenants Organization used its grant to expand its Healthy Homes Project by creating a grassroots campaign to implement a mandatory housing inspection program that will focus on health hazards affecting families in rental units in low-income, high risk areas such as Garfield Park, South Shore, and Auburn Gresham in Chicago.
  • Visible Community – Lewiston, ME
    The Visible Community implemented Phase III of their Neighborhood Housing League to improve housing conditions in downtown Lewiston on a broad scale.
  • Healthy Homes Coalition of West Michigan – Grand Rapids, MI
    The Healthy Homes Coalition of West Michigan rallied a campaign to change local policy to end the city of Grand Rapids’ exemption from the rental certification program for single-family rental housing.
  • Childhood Lead Action Project – Providence, RI
    The Childhood Lead Action Project developed a plan of action to influence and improve minimum housing code enforcement policy by convening a network of community, health, and environmental advocates to identify opportunities to reduce childhood lead poisoning and asthma triggers in the City of Providence.
  • Tenants Union of Washington – Seattle, WA
    The Tenants Union of Washington used its grant to enact a robust, proactive rental housing inspection program in the City of Seattle.
  • L.A. Community Legal Center – Huntington Park, CA 
    The L.A. Community Legal Center implemented a change in maintenance practices by property owners and tenants using Healthy Housing Visual assessments.
  • St. Louis Lead Prevention Coalition – St. Louis, MO 
    The St. Louis Lead Prevention Coalition created an awareness of the relationship between housing and health issues, particularly asthma and lead poisoning.
  • Greensboro Housing Coalition – Greensboro, NC
    The Greensboro Housing Coalition used its grant to build the political and community will for energy-efficient healthy homes.

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