Health and Housing Funders' Forum

The Health and Housing Funders’ Forum fosters collaboration among philanthropic organizations to make a significant impact in the area of healthy housing and healthy communities. The Funders’ Forum seeks to re-envision housing so that it leads to better health for vulnerable populations. The participants of the Funders’ Forum serve as ambassadors in their spheres of influence--creating a multidisciplinary ripple effect in areas such as health equity, sustainability, housing and community development, and public health. The Funders’ Forum is a non-dues paying collaborative, which provides its members with a range of opportunities, tools, and resources, including for example, webinars, peer networking, and conferences.

The Funders’ Forum was founded by The Kresge Foundation and the National Center for Healthy Housing (NCHH) in 2009 to align philanthropic funding plans and priorities in the housing and health space. The idea for the Funders’ Forum stemmed from the 2009 National Healthy Housing Policy Summit where several philanthropic partners saw the value of partnering to advance investment in healthy and safe housing. A subsequent meeting in February 2010 brought together many of these leaders, where the group identified a set of needs and opportunities for philanthropy to meet them.

At the annual in-person meeting in April 2012, the group identified the following four outcomes:

  • A comprehensive Healthy Housing field of practice exists at the intersection of housing and health.
  • The Healthy Housing story is told in a compelling way to promote action across all sectors.
  • Investments in Healthy Housing are aligned to maximize funding.
  • A targeted Healthy Housing policy agenda is effective in promoting system-level change.

Get Involved
Each Spring, the Funders’ Forum holds its annual in-person meeting. It also runs a bi-monthly webinar series and holds occasional events to coincide with national philanthropic meetings. To learn more about the Funders’ Forum, please contact NCHH’s Marketing & Development Officer, Phillip Dodge at 443-539-4168.

Upcoming Meetings

National Healthy Homes Conference Philanthropy Track 

The Health and Housing Funders' Forum is excited to announce a one-day philanthropy summit entitled, “Housing, Health, and Education: Where Missions Meet” in Nashville, Tennessee on May 29th. The event is part of a national healthy homes conference hosted by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD).

Highlights of the summit include a lively colloquy by HUD Secretary Shaun Donovan and Rip Rapson, CEO of the Kresge Foundation, on the opportunities to strengthen America’s cities and neighborhoods. Experts from the fields of public health, early childhood, and housing and community development will present best practices and the group will identify areas of “mission intersection.”

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Participants of the Health and Housing Funders’ Forum include:

Annie E. Casey Foundation
Blue Cross Blue Shield of Minnesota Foundation
California Endowment
California Wellness Foundation
Caring for Colorado Foundation
City of Newark/Council of NJ Grantmakers
Community Foundation of Greater Buffalo
Consumer Health Foundation
Funders Network for Smarth Growth
Grantmakers in Aging
Grantmakers for Children, Youth & Families
Grantmakers in Health
Health and Environmental Funders Network
Kaiser Permanente
The Kresge Foundation
McGregor Foundation
Newark's Strong Healthy Communities Initiative
Pew Charitable Trusts
Saint Luke's Foundation
Washington Women's Foundation

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