Volunteer Workforce

These resources are intended to help both individuals looking for volunteer opportunities and organizations interested in recruiting volunteers. Many of the sites offer advice and guidance to groups interested in starting a volunteer program. Additionally, although many organizations whose volunteers require some training have their own programs, there are also a few training programs listed that are specifically designed for volunteers. Note that all of the online volunteer matching organizations listed below offer services for both individuals interested in volunteering and as services for organizations to recruit volunteers.

Community Toolbox
Targeted to organizations considering or interested in establishing a volunteer programs. Outlines overall merits of volunteer programs as well as provides a guide to help organizations create strong, effective programs. Addresses issues such as background checks, orientation and volunteer training.

Habitat for Humanity
Provides information about volunteer programs and local opportunities to support Habitat's home building and repair programs. [url; Habitat for Humanity]

Rebuilding Together
Provides access to volunteer opportunities with Rebuilding Together affiliate programs across the country. Volunteers help make healthy home repairs for seniors and low-income families. [url; Rebuilding Together]

Hands On Network
Offers individual volunteer opportunities as well as resources for nonprofits and corporations to create strong volunteer programs. Features trainings and tools to help nonprofits, government agencies, and corporations create and improve volunteer programs. Member of the Point of Light enterprises. [url; Hands On Network]

Points of Light
Connects individual and corporate volunteers to nonprofit service projects across the globe. Projects range include hands on housing repair and construction, especially in distressed communities or after natural disasters.

Idealist Volunteer Resource Center
Helps link volunteers to projects targeted to their interests. Features long-term opportunities, such as joining a volunteer Board, or opportunities to volunteer for specific events and/or organizations. Volunteers can search for specific opportunities. Organizations can post a call for volunteers. [url; Idealist]

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Faith-Based Programs

In addition to the national programs listed below, there are many local and regional faith-based and multi-congregational organizations that help places of worship connect their congregations to volunteer opportunities.

Faith-Based and Community and Neighborhood Partnerships (FBNP)
A key part of the White House Office of Faith-Based and Neighborhood Partnerships effort to provide opportunities for Americans to give back to their communities. Connects faith-based and other community organizations to the Corporation for National and Community Service (CNCS) to help the groups access the capacity, tools, and volunteer resources they need. Features a Partnerships for the Common Good guide which explains how federal FBNP centers and CNCS can collaborate with communities to accomplish their goals. [url; CNCS]

Christian Volunteering
Christian Volunteering matches people interested in volunteering with organizations in need of volunteers. Recruits volunteers from 1500+ churches representing more than 50 denominations. Offers a specific sign up to enable church volunteers to sign up online for volunteer opportunities. Site features a broad variety of volunteer opportunities with a range of organizations such as Habitat for Humanity and Salvation Army. [url; Christian Volunteering]

Volunteer Training Programs

Community Health Workers (CHW) Toolkit
Many CHWs are volunteers working in their local community. This resource comprehensively addresses numerous aspects of CHW programs, including descriptions of various CHW models, training approaches, implementation strategies, impact measurements, and best practices. Also offers links to state certification programs, status of state training/certification standards compiled by the Association of State and Territorial Health Officials (ASTHO), and access to numerous state programs. [url; Rural Health Information Hub]

Master Home Environmentalist (MHE) Program
Trains volunteers to conduct a no-cost home environmental assessment and help residents in manage environmental health problems. MHE volunteers use the Home Environmental Assessment List© (HEAL©) created by the American Lung Association (ALA) to identify potential environment and health problems and work with the resident to create an action plan which helps them reduce their exposure to pollutants. Originally created by the Washington State ALA, the program is now offered in several other states including California, Oregon, and Rhode Island. [url; American Lung Association]

Related Materials

Value of Volunteer Time
Study that assigns a dollar value to volunteer time. It's a good resource for organizations mulling the idea of creating a volunteer program as well as for organizations interested in quantifying the value of their volunteers for funders and other interested stakeholders. [url; Independent Sector]

Are there other training or volunteer programs we should highlight? Please let us know.
Email the information and link to Julie Kruse.