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New Healthcare Financing Resource Library Now Available

NCHH has launched a new suite of online resources to help public health and housing agencies understand and identify opportunities to partner with healthcare entities in the provision of better quality housing.

The new resource library consolidates the vast array of informational resources on healthy housing and healthcare financing into a one-stop location. Users can learn about strategies for financing healthy homes activities (such as asthma trigger management and lead poisoning prevention) through real-world case studies, information about emerging opportunities, and links to relevant resources and background materials. Visit the resource library >


I was told that my child's blood lead level was "negative" the last time that I had him/her tested. Should I have him/her re-tested?

Ask your physician for the specific result of the last blood test. If the number was higher than 5 ug/dL, testing should be repeated to confirm. Having blood drawn from your child’s vein is more accurate than a finger stick test. Make sure other children under 6 years of age, developmentally delayed children, and pregnant women get tested as well.

For more information regarding understanding your child's blood lead level, click here.

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